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The Magic Lies Within

Expect Miracles is a brand associated with luxury , design and inspiration. Its name is inspired by a wave of positive thinking. The materials used are inspired by Ancient Greece, using a Marble Effect in 7 out of 9 designs in the very first collection.

Appealing to strong, stylish, women of our times who appreciate the finer luxuries of life   and at the same time customization in their accessories, the designer of the clutch bags understands femininity and is inspired by the strong woman who wants to stand out .

The first collection,“ the 24 Hour Shopping Collection" consists of 9 different clutch bags of the same shape and size . The names of the clutches come from famous shopping streets or shopping areas around the globe.

The clutches remind us of jewellery boxes and give class and confidence to every woman holding them.

All clutches come with an inside mirror and fine suede lining. They have plenty of space for all of the following items  iPhone plus  📱 make up essentials 💄and 🔑 keys.

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The Bold Collection


Each Clutch comes with it's own dustbag to maximize protection.


We pay attention to whole production circle. Packaging crafted ready to gift.

Inside Mirror

Plexi-glass internal Mirror to preserve safety and lightness.

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Personalize your Clutch

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